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Axis of Evil ... Bush is a genius.

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Axis of Evil ... Bush is a genius.

By now, we have all heard the term Axis of evil. It was first used by President W. in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002 to label Iraq, Iran and North Korea as regimes that he accused of sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction.

It is well known that President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the term Axis or Axis Powers to describe U.S. opposition in WWII. Unfortunately for Roosevelt, he did not have a direct line with God and could not know for sure if this Axis was, in fact, evil. So he coined the term Axis and left it at that.

The question is, does Bush have a link with God or does he have access to 80’s cartoon?

At a recent Hater Sunday Dinner and Movie, we decided to sit back and enjoy old episodes of the cartoon, Rambo: The Force of Freedom. If you are not familiar with this cartoon, it was created after the success of the Rambo movie trilogy. The lead character is a red-blooded American veteran. In the movies and novel, by David Morrell, Rambo suffers from PTSD due to his time serving in the Vietnam War. In the cartoon, there is no mention of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Vietnam, making it more appropriate for children and presidents.

While watching an episode titled The Taking of Tierra Libre, we were all shocked to hear that in the time between Roosevelt’s Axis and Bush’s Axis of Evil, Rambo (the cartoon character) referred to his enemies as the Axis of Evil.

Could Rambo be Bush’s link to God? Does Bush get his almighty wisdom to sniff out evil from an 80’s cartoon character?

After all, the cartoon is titled “The Force of Freedom”. And who is more of a force of freedom than Bush? As we watched on, we could not help but notice that Bush and Rambo have a lot of theoretical similarities. Of course, Bush doesn’t fight his own battles, because that would just be silly, but he does use a lot of the Rambo terminology.

In the end of the episode, after Rambo takes Tierra Libre back in the name of her people, they tie a rope around the statue of the ex-dictator and pull it to the ground. It was a grand gesture that I think I might have seen before.

I feel so uninformed. All this time I believed that Bush’s speech writer had coined the term Axis of Evil, but then again, I never thought to check 80’s animated children’s spin-off entertainment.

So, I’m proud of you Bush. Rambo is a stand-up guy. Way to have a role-model!

“Freedom is the one gift that is for all, or none.”
-John Rambo

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